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Presented here is my showreel, a glimpse into a collection of my creative projects.

I played a significant role in CGBLAZE company for SBC TV to creating an animation video. My main focus was on the modeling and texturing aspects to resemble the Arabian Gulf environment specially in the environment and FX cloth. I meticulously crafted the 3D models, giving them a lifelike appearance and attention to detail. Additionally, I expertly applied textures to these models, ensuring they looked realistic and captivating. Through my work, I helped bring the characters and scenes to life, contributing to the overall visual appeal and quality of the animation.

I had the honor of being a 3D generalist for an important animation video that helps fellow new refugees understand the camp's sections. My job included creating detailed 3D models, adding textures and to make them simple and clear in crafting animations. I made sure the models looked genuine and full of details. By using smart lighting, I created a friendly and informative environment. The animation teaches how to navigate the camp's buildings, providing an easy-to-follow guide for fellow refugees to find their way around.

I produced a video for Ramadan on behalf of a company that aimed to celebrate this auspicious month. In the process, I handled tasks such as design, modeling, lighting, texture application, and animation.


I created a video for the upcoming New Year's celebration. My involvement encompassed various aspects, including design, modeling, lighting, texture, animation, FX and compositing all aimed at enhancing the experience of welcoming the new year.

I was engaged in producing a video for an interior design company that aimed to animate a specific area within their project. The project was   Autodesk 3ds Max file, where I undertook responsibilities involving lighting, texture, and animation executed using Autodesk Maya. Additionally, I performed compositing tasks using Adobe After effect to bring the elements together cohesively.

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